Heat Holders Photoshoot – Behind the Scenes!

Recently Heat Holders’ new products have launched onto shelves across the world.

A photoshoot with the Heat Holders ambassadors, DIY Expert and TV Presenter, Craig Phillips, TV weathergirl Emma Jesson and Ski Sunday presenter and former Olympian, Graham Bell, was organised in late September to show Heat Holders’ new products to their customers!

Our PR and Marketing company, Champions (UK) Plc went along to ensure the day ran smoothly and Elyssa, our PR Officer has documented their day in a funky timeline!!

27th September 2011 – 7pm: We leave East Midlands to travel to Cumbria for lovely photoshoot day ahead. The weather report predicts unusually warm weather for this time of year; great time for a winter photoshoot, the sun will look gorgeous!

27th September 2011: 9pm: We arrive at gorgeous B & B near our photoshoot location – time for bed, we’re knackered!!

28th September 2011: 8am: Up for Breakfast with Heat Holders’ ambassadors Emma Jesson and Craig Phillips, then we head off to the photoshoot location – the gorgeous Angel Barn, where the Heat Holders team await our arrival alongside photographer for the day, Helen Cormack.

Heat Holders Heaven!!!

28th September 2011: 10am – On one of the hottest days of the year so far, Heat Holders take to the Cumbrian outdoors to shoot their all new products with their ambassadors!

Graham arrives and has a homemade brownie in the Angel Barn kitchen!

Graham Bell, the third and final Heat Holders ambassador arrives shortly after, from his 4 hour car journey!!

Heat Holders Ambassadors Graham Bell, Emma Jesson and Craig Phillips on set..

28th September 2011: 10am the Photoshoot is in full swing, Craig, Emma and Graham are hard at work as is the entire Heat Holders team, helping to get the perfect poses, props and background shots for the best pictures.

On Set - Graham, Emma, Craig

Craig, Emma and Graham get up close and friendly with the happy resident border collies Max and Cassie who loved the attention they got from the camera, and rolling around in the Autumnal leaves!!

We break for a delicious homemade lunch, where we met cat ‘Mandu’ who draped himself over the benches sunning himself.

Mandu loving the hot weather...

28th September 2011: 5pm: The photoshoot comes to an end, we all say our goodbyes and well dones! The whole Heat Holders team, and the ambassadors have worked so hard – well done all!!

We head back towards Loughborough, a full day behind us, it truly was fantastic – we can’t wait to see the results!!

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