Drifting off to sleep…

A bit of warming festive advice for helping to drift off to sleep as the mercury drops ever lower.

Ever wonder why you aren’t getting enough sleep at night? Do you remain restless for hours tossing and turning, trying to drift off? Many of us suffer with this problem, but few know that this could be simply rectified by warming up your feet at bed time – warming socks, Heat Holders,(www.heatholders.commight just hold the key to swift sleep!

Research by the team at the Centre for Chronobiology in Basel, Switzerland has stated that,

‘ The degree of dilation of blood vessels in the skin of the hands and feet, which increases heat loss at these extremities, is the best physiological predictor for the rapid onset of sleep.’

The ongoing studies from the Chronobiology Centre show that as you approach the threshold of sleep, you shift warmth from the centre of your body towards your extremities. By doing this the blood vessels in your feet and hands are widened and your brain releases the sleep hormone melatonin. Melatonin switches the body’s sleep mechanism on, allowing you to get to sleep more rapidly. Scientists at the centre have discovered that if your feet are cold, you struggle to drift off to sleep;

‘If the extremities (hands and feet) are cold, inhibiting the free flow of blood, the sleep hormones fail to kick in and restless insomnia prevails.’

Heat Holders  are seven times warmer than normal socks with an increased tog rating of 2.34. The unique patent pending extra long looped thermal pile which is unique to Heat Holders has been newly developed. This innovative knitting technology locks in warm air, holding this closer to the skin, keeping feet warmer for longer. The soft brushed inner adds comfort and softness where feet need it the most. Their gentle grip prevents rubbing or discomfort that may be experienced from a sock with a lower tog rating. Furthermore the advanced insulating yarn created for Heat Holders provides high performance insulation and superior moisture wicking abilities

They keep feet cushioned and cosy, helping to promote faster sleep without the need for layers and layers of socks. With Heat Holders retailing at £7.99, £5 for children, they are an affordable alternative to thick luxury throws and are durable enough to be worn out of bed too. Heat Holders have created cosy slipper socks, specially designed to wear at home and with their grip pads, they prevent sliding on slippery surfaces around the home.

Speeding up the sleeping process by wearing warming socks, means your feet are warm from the minute you get into bed, melatonin is released earlier and you fall asleep much faster. The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN) reiterated these points in their March 2010 study;

‘Sleep onset was accelerated by warm and neutral bed socks after lights off and correlated to the increase in foot temperature.’

Created with a mix of specially developed blended modern fibers, Heat Holders are constructed with an extra heavy bulk yarn to produce a thermal sock you can trust to keep you snug. Heat Holders ultimate thermal socks are durable, versatile and now, a must have for keeping your feet warm.

To find out more information on Heat Holders product range and to read more about the benefits of warm feet visit www.heatholders.com.


‘Warm feet promote the rapid onset of sleep’ Nature, 401: 36-37 1999 Krauchi, K., Cajochen, C., Werth, E. & Wirz-Justice A. (1999)

‘Skin temperature and sleep-onset latency: changes with age and insomnia’ Raymann RJ, Swaab DF, Van Someren EJ (23rd March 2010)

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