Bless DJ Fearne’s Cotton Socks!

Heat Holders are one of the items UK Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton presented to fellow DJ Scott Mills in a fantastic hamper that she presented to him for his first show in the new afternoon timeslot of 1pm-4pm on Radio 1.

The hamper was shown in all its glory on the Radio 1 website earlier this week and you can see that Fearne does love her socks! Bedecked with a red ribbon tied in a bow, Heat Holders are the star of this star DJ hamper from style icon Fearne Cotton, who was recently voted Best Dressed Star at the National Television Awards.

With their superior wicking abilities, long looped thermal pile and advanced insulating pile, Heat Holders are seven times warmer than the average pair of cotton socks, meaning that they are sure to keep Scott Mills’s feet warm under the radio desk should the studio ever get chilly!!

The Radio, TV star and fashion icon posted this image of herself smiling with the hamper on her page on the radio one website, with the caption: “Hamper Joy!”

Follow Heat Holders on twitter @heatholdersocks and Facebook for all the latest news about our thermal socks!

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