History of Heat Holders: The Evolution of a Socky Sensation

Our story begins in 2006 when we, (the owners of Heat Holders – Drew Brady & Co. Ltd – part of the Ruia Group) a company with over 50 years heritage in sock production, had become increasingly frustrated by the decline in quality of thermal socks that we were being called on to supply.

The market demand at the time was for budget socks, but the “pile it high and sell it cheap” philosophy created thin socks with poor insulation. They simply were not good enough. We became determined to give the customer a thermal sock that was true value for money – a fit for purpose product to be proud of.

It swiftly became our single-minded mission to make the warmest thermal sock on the planet!

What followed was two long years of experimentation and innovation, re-tooling machinery and patenting processes to give the required results. Yarn mixes were routinely tested and discarded until the final blend was discovered, providing incredible warmth and a soft cashmere-like feel.

From this yarn, an innovative pile was developed then brushed, locking in more warm air close to the skin whist offering supreme comfort.

Better yet, from an ordinary thermal sock with a meagre tog rating of 0.89 we had created a sock laboratory tested to achieve a 2.34 tog; finally Heat Holders were born for you to love for years to come.

To find out more about Heat Holders – please check out our site: www.heatholders.com



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