US: 13th May – Gift the Gift of Warmth this Mother’s Day

For our Heat Holders fans in the USA – we’ve got the perfect present for those moms who have everything – this year give her the gift of warmth with Heat Holders – the warmest thermal socks!

Treat your Mom to warmth this Mother’s Day

Each year Mothers and Grandmothers are showered with flowers, chocolates and bath products. But when the flowers have died, the chocolates have been eaten, and the bath products have disappeared behind the shower curtain, Mother’s Day becomes a distant memory. On the 13th May 2012, why not spoil your mom with a more practical present, one which will provide warmth and comfort all year round.

Heat Holders are the warmest thermal socks and have been specially designed to make cold feet a thing of the past. Heat Holders are seven times thicker than normal socks with a high tog rating (Thermal Overall Grade Rating) of 2.34. The higher the tog rating, the better the product is able to keep you warm.

The unique patent pending extra, long looped thermal pile which is unique to Heat Holders has been newly developed. This innovative knitting technology locks in warm air, holding this closer to the skin, keeping feet warmer for longer. The soft brushed inner adds comfort and softness where feet need it the most. Their gentle grip prevents rubbing or discomfort that may be experienced from a sock with a lower tog rating. Furthermore the advanced insulating yarn created for Heat Holders provides high performance insulation and superior moisture wicking abilities.

So, whether your Mom is a keen walker, gardener, skier, or someone that just likes to relax with her feet up, Heat Holders socks are the ideal gift this Mother’s Day.

Available in size 5 – 9 in a vast range of colors, including pink, red, purple, navy blue and black, Heat Holders are perfect for any mom, whatever her style. Pamper her toes after a long day in office heels with instant warmth and comfort.

For busy Moms, sleep is essential in repairing their body’s vital resources, as well as improving concentration and boosting general health. Scientists believe that cold feet are often connected with disrupted sleep patterns, or struggling to drift off. With a little sock science, Heat Holders ensure your Mom can relax and get the good night’s sleep she needs. Please visit for more information, to see the range, buy and see people’s thoughts on the ultimate thermal socks.

Treat her with a practical yet fashionable gift that will keep her toes toasty warm long after Mother’s Day. Check out for more info and to buy!

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