What British Summer?

Yet again, Britain is faced with another rain filled summer, leaving people to ditch the flip flops, grab their Wellies and reach for warmer wear. A glimmer of hope appeared at the beginning of the week, in the shape of a warm, sunny spell which lasted a few days then, fast forward a day and we’re receiving severe weather warnings threatening floods across the country. Britons are constantly dipping between summer and winter wardrobes.

One way to keep warm when unpredictable weather strikes is ensuring your extremities are kept toasty. Heat Holders thermal socks are your must have warming item. These socks are, as far as is known and has ever been tested for, the warmest thermal socks in the world. Not only this, but they are comfortable and soft too.

Heat Holders looks back at our British weather over the last few months wondering whatever happened to our British summer?

It began in spring; the UK was faced with sunny bliss for a week of sweltering 23 degree temperatures in March, resulting in the driest March the UK had seen in 59 years. Energy companies across the country were advising that a hosepipe ban would have to be put in place as we would almost definitely be suffering from a drought. A couple of weeks later in April parts of Britain were confronted with sheets of snow, a sight which would not look out of place on a Christmas card. At the time, everyone was reaching for winter warmers such as Heat Holders to keep them warm. As Heat Holders has a high tog rating of 2.34, they are over seven times warmer than normal cotton socks and over two times warmer than thermal socks, they also offer ultimate comfort with their soft and gentle brushing process which grips your feet making them cosy and pampered. After the snow came the rain, and pour it did. April 2012 became the wettest month since 1910.

June appeared to be competing with April and became another month of record breaking rain in the UK. The Met Office reported that it was the wettest June since records began, with double the average rainfall during the month. Houses and businesses in parts of England and Wales were flooded at the end of June, freak hail storms were reported and heavy winds caused havoc.

Now it is July. Six days in and we’ve experienced gorgeous sun, hot and humid nights accompanied by horrific rain in quick succession. Amber warnings have been issued for much of the UK today, with the worst weather expected to fall in Central and Northern of England. Our supposed drought is well and truly over; wellies seem to have become that staple item for leaving the house in England. Our abysmal weather has taken bad British weather to new extremes.

We’re hoping for a warmer August, netweather.tv has predicted that the weather will get better when the summer holidays begin at the end of July 2012 and early August. We can just hold out and hope for then! The likelihood of the weather being in favour for the UK just in time for the Olympics is becoming hopeful. Until then keeping warm with items of clothing like Heat Holders is becoming a necessity.

Our winter has had mixed predictions. Last year was mild and in most places, Christmas felt more like April than December, this year has various outcomes. The Met Office has predicted that this year’s winter will continue to be a mild one, however long range forecaster, James Madden goes against this statement. He predicts that large amounts of the 2012/2013 winter will be very cold and exceptionally snowy. James is well known for his cold winter predictions, however he also predicted a wet and windy summer, full of thunderstorms and heavy rain so perhaps we should take heed of his advice and prepare early for a cooler winter, like that of the winter 2010.

If you’re heading out in the wet and windy weather, make sure you’re wrapped up warm so you don’t catch a chill. The perfect accompaniment to the staple Wellington boots of the moment is Heat Holders Wellington boot socks. The stylish and colourful socks retail at £12 and are available in four colours – ruby red, mulberry pink, velvet and amethyst purple – with cosy or feather turn over cuffs.

Heat Holders also have a range of thermal underwear for men, including short sleeve and long sleeve thermal vests retailing at £12, also thermal long johns retailing at £12. These are perfect for venturing outdoors in the rain but will also be ideal for the predicted cold winter. Women’s thermal underwear is also in production by Heat Holders – keep up to date with www.heatholders.com to see the ladies thermals available to buy.

Wrap up warm in what is our British Summer!

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