Met Office Unveils New Weather Prediction Technology…

The Met Office has developed technology that is now more able to predict the onset of extremely cold weather, early on. Using a new computer model, the Met Office believes that it is able to predict whether the next winter will be particularly cold, up to a whole season before.

This breakthrough is due to the new computer model being more adept at replicating SSW (sudden stratospheric warming) that causes cold temperatures on the Earth’s surface. With Britain notoriously bad at dealing with sudden periods of snow and ice, the technology could go a long way to help us overcome the winter weather.

Whilst seasonal forecasting is still very difficult to do (who remembers being promised a hot summer this year?) the new technology is a real step forward for the Met Office. The computer model is known as ‘GloSea4’ and maps atmospheric conditions to predict the resulting weather patterns.

An expert from the Royal Meteorological Society said “This particular bit of research will certainly help to put seasonal forecasting forward”, clearly recognising the small step forward that this technology has made.

So with predictions of cold weather more accurate, but still not a guaranteed certainty, it seems the best course of action is to arm yourself with a pair of Heat Holders, using their unique thermal technology to keep the cold at bay.
Heat Holders make sure that your feet are warm and comfortable, no matter how low the temperatures drop. With a tog rating of 2.3, Heat Holders are the perfect choice to keep your feet warm all winter.

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