Happy Father’s Day

The third Sunday of June every year is the day when we celebrate and are thankful for anyone who is a father figure in our lives.

Many people visit their Dad’s or send them special cards and presents in the post to show them how much they are appreciated. We’ve been looking at stories about Father’s and this one about Cake Boss’s Carlo and his Father really made us smile!

“Carlo from Carlo’s Bake Shop (featured in the famous ‘Cake Boss’ TV show) always tells his viewers of how amazing his father was! Buddy Valestro moved over from Italy and set up his cake shop in New Jersey dreaming that one day it would be a household name.

Teaching his son from a young age about cake and how to create the perfect dough, pastries and decoration, Buddy wanted his son to go to college and graduate not into the family business. However, when he sadly passed away at 54 of lung cancer, Carlo knew he had to continue the cake legacy and turn that bakery into the household name his Father had always dreamed of!

With the help of his family he managed to keep the bakery going to the same standard of his Father but there was one thing that Carlo could not perfect: lobster tails. After demand from customers and hours of practising Carlo still could not master the lobster tails and began to feel like he was not cut to manage the bakery.

However, one night after little sleep, Buddy came to Carlo in a dream and taught him one last time how to make the perfect lobster tail! In the morning Carlo rushed to the bakery and finally created lobster tails exactly like his Father’s!”


How are you celebrating Father’s Day this year? Send us your inspiring stories!

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