Get spooky this Halloween!

Halloween is always a great excuse to get outside and have a fun-filled, spooky evening but sometimes the occasion can be overshadowed by horrible cold feet. Cold feet are not only uncomfortable, they can make us miserable and even affect our health. Extreme cold can cause chilblains and even frostbite in very low temperatures, but don’t worry – Heat Holders are here to save the day!

This Halloween make sure that Heat Holders form an essential part of your party outfit or costume.  Goose bumps should only come from ghoulish party games, not from chilly toes! Heat Holders use a combination of soft cashmere-like fibres that are carefully blended together in a unique three stage knitting process. The patented extra-long looped pile adds to the overall warmth. As far as it is known, and has ever been tested, Heat Holders are the warmest thermal socks in the world.

With the kids heading out for a bit of trick-or-treating, or to a special Halloween party, make sure that their feet stay warm with their very own pair of Heat Holders. For the grown-ups, whether having your own Halloween party for this celebration of all things creepy or making sure that the kids have a fun-filled evening, keep warm out of doors with the Heat Holders tog rated hats and gloves.

Heat Holders are the perfect accompaniment for a fun-filled Halloween with all of the ghostly thrills, but none of those winter chills!

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