National Hot Tea Month

One of the daily rituals getting us through our busy lives is none other than… a nice, cup of tea! In celebration of National Hot Tea Month, Heat Holders thought we could celebrate the cup of tea by looking at how it became a part of our daily ritual. Armed with our Heat Holders blanket and socks, you can hold on to that toasty feeling this winter!

The iconic, English breakfast tea is recognised as quintessentially British and dates back to the foreign princess, Catherine of Braganza in the 17th century (Irony, much?)

Upon marrying Charles II, Catherine introduced the royal court to the wonders of tea, having brought the tradition over from Portugal. As a royal trend-setter, Catherine had the entire upper-class drinking tea within a few, short years. This quickly spread universally, becoming part of the normal trade in the English East India Company.

British tea aside, why not embrace the many, different flavours out there –fruity teas have great health benefits, with Japanese green tea high in antioxidants. Ginger tea has a warming spice that is ideal to stop you from feeling the cold. Or simply try a delicious tasting strawberry flavour – it will satisfy your taste buds to a tea! (Get it?)

So remember layered clothing and many cups of tea will help you defeat the chill! From your toes to your head, slip on a pair of Heat Holders socks and be sure to wear thermal underwear, base layers – the vest and leggings will trap the heat and keep you warm all day!

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