Shield Yourself From Raynauds this Month

Wrap up warm this February and embrace the annual ‘Raynauds Awareness Month’. This commonly unheard of disease is a rare disorder of the blood, which effects the circulation of the fingers and toes! This can vary from mild to severe cases, leaving people feeling extremely cold and unhappy. Look no further for a solution…Heat Holders have discovered it!

Your checklist to ‘fight the cold’ includes……

  • Copious amounts of hot drinks! Sip on a delicious cappuccino or satisfy your sweet tooth with a warming cup of hot chocolate.
  • A pair of original Heat Holders socks – Designed to keep your extremities toasty by trapping the warm air and keeping the cold air out.
  • Filling your belly at breakfast! Eating a nutritional breakfast will make you less likely to want to snack earlier in the day. A good-sized portion of hot porridge is slow-release and will fuel you with plenty of energy.
  • A pair of thermal gloves – To provide the ultimate protection for your fingertips.
  • Not forgetting… a stylish, thermal hat to match (perhaps not a specific treatment for Raynaud’s – however, equally important in preventing the loss of heat escaping from the head when out and about!)


Remember, it’s also important to exercise in the winter – in order to get your blood flowing to help your circulation and get your body warm. Whether it’s inside or outside, be sure to prepare for the cold with Heat Holders’ checklist. Warm skin equals happy skin!

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