March is National Bed Month!

The Sleep Council is funded by the National Bed Federation who make it their aim to raise awareness of the importance of a good night’s sleep to people’s health and wellbeing. They also aim to provide advice and tips on improving sleep quality and help when choosing the right bed for optimum sleeping comfort. National … Continue reading

Drifting off to sleep…

A bit of warming festive advice for helping to drift off to sleep as the mercury drops ever lower. Ever wonder why you aren’t getting enough sleep at night? Do you remain restless for hours tossing and turning, trying to drift off? Many of us suffer with this problem, but few know that this could … Continue reading

Bursting the stererotypical view of ‘socks for Christmas’: Treat loved ones to the Ultimate Thermal Socks!!!!

Heat Holders are diverse, fashionable socks that keep feet more than seven times warmer than normal cotton socks. Long term exposure to cold conditions can not only have detrimental effects to your feet, but to your overall health. With a tog rating of 2.34, Heat Holders provide a practical and economical alternative to layering socks.  … Continue reading