Shield Yourself From Raynauds this Month

Wrap up warm this February and embrace the annual ‘Raynauds Awareness Month’. This commonly unheard of disease is a rare disorder of the blood, which effects the circulation of the fingers and toes! This can vary from mild to severe cases, leaving people feeling extremely cold and unhappy. Look no further for a solution…Heat Holders … Continue reading

Met Office Unveils New Weather Prediction Technology…

The Met Office has developed technology that is now more able to predict the onset of extremely cold weather, early on. Using a new computer model, the Met Office believes that it is able to predict whether the next winter will be particularly cold, up to a whole season before. This breakthrough is due to … Continue reading

What British Summer?

Yet again, Britain is faced with another rain filled summer, leaving people to ditch the flip flops, grab their Wellies and reach for warmer wear. A glimmer of hope appeared at the beginning of the week, in the shape of a warm, sunny spell which lasted a few days then, fast forward a day and … Continue reading